Copy data from old server to new server

Hi, I need to move my install from a smaller server to a larger server.
Is there a good way to copy the data from my previous nocodb install?

Hi @alexk1919,

All the metadata and data are stored in NC_DB. To migrate, you should clone your database to the new server.

I can help you with the steps and tools required for the migration. These will vary depending on which database you are using for NC_DB (e.g., PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, etc.). Could you please let me know which one you are using?

Most cloud providers allow you to upsize your server seamlessly. What provider are you using ?

Could you share more about the need to upsize - was it users/database/attachments?

Hi @mertmit
Thanks for the input… I don’t have an external source attached to my Nocodb. Just the default.

It is installed using Coolify.

Server is on Hetzner.

I’m familiar with rescaling on hetzner but they don’t scale the initial volume, just the processors.

I have run out of hdd space for some reason, although my data in nocodb is rather small.