Granular access [Jul 29]

🙋‍♂️ Vladimir-Va

Columns Users and Roles
Add columns User and Roles field types (O2M).

Сheckbox"Fill" in filter row dialog.
If we setup filters with Column_name is_equal Values it is logical that when adding a new row, we want to get the value in the columns equal to the values ​​set in the filters.

Сheckbox "Predicate" in filter row dialog.
Predicate Mandatory Filters that only the Owner can configure.

Global Variables get login in user %USER% and %ROLE%
For Granular access case set two filters:
"Users column is equal %USER%", Сheckboxes "Fill"=1 and "Predicate"=1
"Roles column is equal %ROLE%", Сheckboxes "Fill"=1 and "Predicate"=1

🙋‍♂️ o1lab

Can be on the longer roadmap. Good idea. Need a bit more thinking.