403 errors with NocoDB Cloud, v2 API docs missing?

Hi NocoDB team,

Hello from [Pipedream](https://pipedream.com/)! We’ve built an integration to NocoDB and are currently troubleshooting a customer-raised issue, where our mutual customer is trying to Add A New Row. We have a call to List Projects using the Nocodb SDK which is erroring out.

Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'list')

To reproduce the issue, I created a new account, created a workspace, a base, and a table.

In addition, I’m noticing that certain API endpoints are returning 403 errors:

For instance, I can view details about a project (/api/v1/db/meta/projects/{baseId} ), but when I try to list projects (/api/v1/db/meta/projects ), I get {"msg":"Unauthorized access"}.

I’ve found some threads about a transition over from v1 to v2 of the API, but I’m not able to see the documentation when I navigate to either page:

Any help would be appreciated!


@michaelatpd welcome to NocoDB community!

You can find meta API docs here https://meta-apis-v2.nocodb.com/
v1 docs are here https://meta-apis-v1.nocodb.com/

Hi @dstala, thanks for the link to the v2 docs - I’m unable to actually see anything when navigating to either
https://data-apis-v2.nocodb.com/ or https://meta-apis-v2.nocodb.com/ - any suggestions? I’ve tested in Chrome, Chrome (incognito), and Safari.

Some issue with our portals. Will sort it out at the earliest. Apologies for the inconvenience.

@dstala, thanks for fixing this - I can now see the v2 API docs without issue.

However, the 403 errors still remain. I’m trying to List Bases using the call here: NocoDB API Documentation

I’ve tested using both the Auth Token, as well as the API Token using both xc-auth and xc-token headers and consistently get a 403 using Nocodb Cloud endpoint.

We will update document; in cloud, we need to retrieve base using workspace ID

curl --request GET
–url ‘https://staging.noco.to/api/v1/workspaces/wqd7e84kkpg8169/bases
–header ‘xc-auth: ’

This should work

Hi @dstala , I’m a colleague of Michael at [Pipedream] (https://pipedream.com/). Thank you so much for your help. That endpoint does work to list bases. Can you also tell us what the endpoint is to list workspaces?


curl --request GET
–url ‘https://staging.noco.to/api/v1/workspaces’ \
–header ‘xc-auth: xxxxAuthToken’

FYI, we will be updating the docs very soon for additional metadata APIs. Never realised it would come handy in workflow tools.