API call with attachment field [Sep 26]

:raising_hand_man: Guy Butts (datalytyks) asked

Do we have a “help” channel? Trying to make an api call to create a record with an attachment field and running into issues. Thanks!

:man_bald: dstala replied

use storage API : upload or uploadByUrl to add attachment file into storage;

:man_technologist: pranavxc replied

1. First you have to upload file using our storage api - NocoDB API Documentation

2. Use the response from storage api and provide the attachment column as JSON array of attachment( response from first one )

- NocoDB API Documentation

Sample payload ```json


“title”: “abc”,

“attachmenttColumnName”: “[{"url": "string", "fileName":"string", "mimetype": "string", "size": "string"}]”



:raising_hand_man: Guy Butts (datalytyks) replied

Beautiful, works like a charm and I’m back in business, thanks!! Loving NocoDB so far!

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