Azure AD logins with NocoDB [May 13]

:raising_hand_man: beata asked

Hello! We’ve built a robust and secure infra on Azure that includes AppService, WebApp, SqlDatabase, KeyVault all in secure Vnet. WebApp hosts Docker with NocoDB. Everything works like charm. The next step would be to enable SSO using Azure AD. We would like Azure users that belong to specific group to be able to access our Noco WebApp. We can configure that from the WebApp Auth point of view but not sure yet if there is a way to use Azure AD logins with NocoDB. Would you be able to advise on that?

:person_tipping_hand: o1lab replied

SSO is planned as part of enterprise edition. We havent started work on that yet. We’re working to make the current product robust. Which SQL database are you using - (SQLServer?)

:raising_hand_man: beata replied

Yes, We’ve used SqlServer. Looking forward to the enterprise edition. Would there be a way around it, perhaps using noco JWT variables and/or Noco Auth API in the meantime?We’re trying this as a pilot now to get the business approval for the broader use of NocoDB.

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