Concatenated strings as primary keys [Apr 08]

:raising_hand_man: Marian asked

Hi, it is not possible to use concatenated strings as primary keys?

:raising_hand_man: wkw replied

what do you mean by concatenated strings? like two columns with string type? like composite PK ?

:raising_hand_man: Marian replied

Like using a formula column and using concat with 4 columns and make it a PK so i can reference search it

:raising_hand_man: wkw replied

oh. in this case you cannot, as formula column is a virtual column.

:raising_hand_man: Marian replied

So my best option is to make it via the API and use that column as PK?

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Airtable supports formula column as primary value. Do you expect to include this powerful feature in nocodb in the future?