Difficulties with adding multiple links

My table of authors has a link to my table of books. Let’s say I’m adding an author and need to link him to some books in grid view. When I click on the link field, I’m shown books 1-10. Say I click on one and then page forward to see the next ten books. The problem is, it doesn’t show me books 11-20.

Presumably, because one of the first ten books is now linked, clicking on the next page of links repaginates because the first ten unlinked books are now 1-11 (minus the linked book which isn’t shown). So if I want to link my author to book 11, I need to click forward to the next page, then click back to re-check first page of links.

My preferred fix for this would be to simply show existing links when clicking on Link More Records. It cures the repagination issue, plus it would give me the opportunity to both unlink or link. For some data, I might decide to add one link instead of another. Being able to manipulate them at the same time has advantages.

Also, FWIW, when clicking to the next page of links, the scroll bar doesn’t move. So if I want to look at my choices one-by-one in order, I need to scroll down through the first page, go to the next page, and then scroll up to see the next choice. I would prefer if pulling up a new page of links would also show me the first link on that page.

Cheers, Richard

Thanks Richard for the details. Created issue here to track 🐛 Bug: Pagination skips record in `Link Records` modal · Issue #7655 · nocodb/nocodb · GitHub

For the latter part of the issue, about scroll bar - can you help us record a video?

I’m not set up to record video. Just open a modal, scroll down, click on > to see the next group of records. You will still be scrolled down.

Cheers, Richard

Got it. Reproducible. Will get it fixed

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