Error - The server does not support SSL connections [Jul 22]

:raising_hand_man: lublak asked

Hi :slight_smile: i am complete new to nocodb. I have a postgres database.

If i try to use it with the .env file i get an error: message.txt

My current setup is: Have a postgres database with multiple schemas/folders.

Is it possible to point nocodb to the database and show all schemas in nocodb?


:man_bald: dstala replied

<@100849859006840832> Could you help us with more details about your project (using docker/npm/npx) & where your database is hosted?

this looks to be a database configuration error. confirm if your db configurations are right by connecting via db viewer like tablePlus/pgAdmin

:raising_hand_man: lublak replied

<@857998597474484295> my database is hosted localhost. i used npx setup which creates a .env file for me.

It looks something like this:


:raising_hand_man: lublak replied

I i connect manually with localhost all works fine

:raising_hand_man: lublak replied

<@857998597474484295> i can remove my .env file. If i than run npm run start i can use: create project with external database

:man_bald: dstala replied

ok. will check if I can reproduce issue locally with npx & .env file.

:raising_hand_man: lublak replied

<@857998597474484295> do you know what the problem is? Currently I can simply use sqlite3 and create projects as external data sources.

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