Hello everyone I m now setting up Nocodb [Jun 15]

:raising_hand_man: wwaaauuuu asked

hello everyone! I’m now setting up Nocodb via Docker for personal use with occasional collaborations. I am beginner, and IT and networks are not my field, so I’m stuck with some (probably very basic) questions. I hope some kind user might help me here.

first question is about upgrading. as said in the manual, the way to upgrade Nocodb is this: 1. delete Docker container and image 2. pull new version of Nocodb. but I don’t quite understand, should I do any backup and how to make it. Docker seems to delete container’s data after deletion. what am I missing here? should I export all tables as CVS and import them after upgrade?

second question is about collaboration. as I understand, the only way to start NocoDB is via localhost:8080. I see that Noco proposes to share a link to table that starts with “localhost” also. I know that “localhost” means my own computer and there is (probably?) no way to share such link to another computer. does it mean that collaboration is only available via Heroku?

:raising_hand_man: CaptainKranch replied

Hello backend isn’t my field either but when I deleted the docker container and docker image to update to the last one, it saved the previous information. I’m using MySQL btw. But, I really suggest you to make a backup if it is important information!

:raising_hand_man: CaptainKranch replied

Localhost as you mentioned is your computer acting as a server. The IP would be and the port would be 8080 sooo if you want yo share your project you can open a port for another person to use it with SSH and just open the localhost but that kinda complicated if you do not know how

:raising_hand_man: CaptainKranch replied

so you can use the heroku option, its free if you do not have a big project and anyone would be able to access your project if you invite him

:raising_hand_man: wwaaauuuu replied

oh, it sounds great. I’ll try to upgrade then as said in manual.

:raising_hand_man: wwaaauuuu replied

don’t you know if my guest should be on the same network? or ssh tunnel doesn’t require it? don’t you know any software with gui which makes the ssh tunneling easier?

:raising_hand_man: wkw replied

For Q1 - It depends. If you haven’t defined NC_DB when starting docker, then a sqlite file as a meta database will be created under /usr/app/data. If you create a project without connecting to external database, then data will be stored in this sqlite db as well. In this case, deleting the docker container will erase that as well. One way to persist that is to mount volume, which we’ve included in our starter guideline - See GitHub - nocodb/nocodb: 🔥 🔥 🔥 Open Source Airtable Alternative.

Therefore, you need to backup if & only if

- you didn’t mentioned NC_DB when starting our app and

- you didn’t mount your local volume at /usr/app/data/

:raising_hand_man: wkw replied

For Q2 - that is not accurate. localhost:8080 is just a sample only. You can deploy NocoDB to different places and it would serve as :. We use localhost just for people to setup locally to give it a spin. Like captainKranch said, sharing locally needs some setup. If you wanna collaborate with someone, you may try Heroku deployment. That would be the easiest way for you.

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