Kanban View [May 10]

:raising_hand_man: MatthewBlott asked

I’ve just found out there’s no Kanban. Fair enough, open source resources and all that. But it seems this hasn’t been available for months and it’s advertised on the home page along with the calendar view! There are also demo videos for both! Seriously lads, spent a fair bit of time installing this and setting it up before I found this out.

:raising_hand_man: wkw replied

Some contents in main website are outdated and we’re revamping the website. the outdated content will be removed in the next release. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

:raising_hand_man: MatthewBlott replied

That answer sounds disingenuous. It’s not ‘some outdated content’ but a premier feature clearly advertised the home page. It appears to have been left in place to entice users.

:person_tipping_hand: o1lab replied

Matthew, sorry you feel that way. But there is no premium feature or idea to ‘entice’ the users here. I believe you wouldnt the say same if you know the effort put by a small team to make this product free & open source (probably there is 0.5 million lines of code we are talking about). And there is a tonne of pro/premium features you may find in airtable are already free in nocodb! And we’re making these feature work on any of your own existing database too! The snapshots you are talking about are proof of concept we 'd during the launch and it has taken more time/effort to accomplish existing features. If you feel strongly - you are welcome to send PRs or sponsor our effort.

:raising_hand_man: MatthewBlott replied

I apologise if I got it wrong. I do appreciate the effort and I did make that point, I know FOSS teams are stretched. I still think it’s a pretty bad oversight but I appreciate the reply.

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