Long long text [Feb 08]

:raising_hand_man: Erkin Tek asked


I’m new to nocodb, just added some data to a table, one column is “long text” and it occupies 5 pages, i may hide it but can i made smaller like " long long tex… "?

:person_tipping_hand: o1lab replied

Did you mean changing the type? If so you can click on more options. And you should be able to change to exact data type

:raising_hand_man: Erkin Tek replied

no, I want data to be long and there, but in the grid view a little shorter

:person_tipping_hand: o1lab replied

Got it

:raising_hand_man: moosefist replied

Is there a way to only show the first couple lines, and hit a button to expand?

:person_tipping_hand: o1lab replied

Happy to take a PR

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