Multiple Primary keys lead to bug when creating a new record [Apr 26]

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:raising_hand_man: Billy Le Bordelais replied

Hello, I created a new table with a custom primary key but when I create a new record, the app raise the error : Undefined binding(s) detected when compiling FIRST. Undefined column(s): [shop_id] query: select "shops"."id" as "Id", "shops"."created_at" as "CreatedAt", "shops"."updated_at" as "UpdatedAt", "shops"."shop_id" as "shop_id" from "shops" where "id" = ? and "shop_id" = ? limit ?

:raising_hand_man: Billy Le Bordelais replied

Here is a video of the steps


:raising_hand_man: Billy Le Bordelais replied

Am I missing a point with the “PK” option or is it a bug ?

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