Provue's Panorama 6 replacement with NocoDB [Mar 21]

:raising_hand_man: LunarChickadee asked

HI everyone!

My business has been using Provue’s panorama 6 because that’s what they had everything written it since the 80’s. All the work functions in the native pan-talk language and forms in panorama, so lots will need to be reworked, of course.

NocoDB was suggested by our web team as an option to replace panorama for anything not getting developed by the web team currently–right now, we need inventory and data manipulation for product labeling.

Would NocoDB be a place for us to put time into exploring for possibly being our replacement?

:person_tipping_hand: o1lab replied

had not heard about Parnorama before - please give us a try and you can reach out to me about your finding at : n - at -

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