Schema change meta sync for Noco views [Mar 12]

:raising_hand_man: dittorahmat asked

Hi guys, quick question.

I have a table from database loaded into nocodb (not created from app). From this table, I created several views in nocodb.

When I added a new column in the database, I also sync the changes to make the new column appear in nocodb table.

The problem is, the view created in nocodb from the table, doesn’t show this additional columns.

Is there something missing when I sync to nocodb ?

:man_bald: dstala replied

dittorahmat@discord I quickly tried it over mysql database. The newly added column is hidden for existing views. You will have to explicitly enable them if you wish to them to be part of view.

In attached screenshots, Xcol is new column added from backend & meta sync done on top in NocoDB.


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