Selective records download [Oct 05]

:raising_hand_man: prasanth asked


is there a option for me to download all the rows that satisfies a given filter

on my table when i apply a filter i got around 10 pages and if i want to delete all that data currently i have to delete per each page but instead i want to delete all those rows at once

i have kept the page limit as 100

:man_bald: dstala replied

For selective download of records, you can apply filter & download. Only filtered records will be saved in CSV / XLSX.

Deleting filtered data, currently is per page. There is no easy way to delete all filtered records in one go.

:raising_hand_man: prasanth replied

ohh ok <@857998597474484295>

there a typo in my first line of msg actually

i have mentioned it as download instead of delete

anyway i understood that it is not currently avaiable

thanks for the reply

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