Trying to get NocoDB to work in Astro Framework

Hey guys, for the last couple days I´ve been trying to add NocoDB to Astro but no success. I tried figuring it out using ChatGPT but it doesn’t work out and no information anywhere. Seems like no one published information on that particular topics thus far. I used to use Airtable with Gridsome but this is entirely different.
Can someone help?

Thanks in advance!

Would be helpful to understand what is the astro, how are you trying to ‘add’ and what is the usecase for using them together?

All I need is a basic example on how to use and display data from NocoDB in Astro. I want to use it for blog type content management.

If you are looking for APIs - here is how you can find APIs for your nocodb base.

Not what I’ve been asking for.

I will leave a link on how to add nocodb to an express app.

However, its not clear from the above what is the issue. Perhaps the link will help and you could reach out astro team.

The issue is I’m looking for a code example on how to use Noco in Astro but I can’t find anything. This could be helping people facing the same issue in the future as well. Gridsome had intigrations for all data sources and starter templates to make it easy for beginners. I might publish a Astro NocoDB starter once I figure it out.

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