Webhook trigger based on time of a day [May 19]

:raising_hand_man: AK asked

Hi. I’m making attendance system based on nocodb. Is there are any whey to send an email or upload\ update sheet to google drive in each day at 9pm will send all the rows of the students arrived today (where arrived column is true \ the date is today)? I can also make special “student” that I will update each day for trigger the webhook if it can work only in this way. Hosting it on heroku.

:man_bald: dstala replied

Webhook trigger like you figured out is only based on record insert/delete/update currently. If you can trigger update for a special “student”, then the discussion in this thread will help to configure rest of the details


:raising_hand_man: AK replied

I tried. It’s not working well but anyway I can see it only sending 1 row while I need multiple rows…

:raising_hand_man: AK replied

For testing I didn’t put any condition.

:raising_hand_man: AK replied

So it finally working without errors (expect at the test webhook function). But I need it to send all the rows where the formula there is equals to 1 and it’s sending only the updated one if equals to 1…

:raising_hand_man: AK replied

Ok I found myself a solution: using the rest API.

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