Avoid duplicate lines when importing data

Hello there !

When I import a CSV file multiple times, I have duplicate lines in my table. How can avoid that behavior ? I tried to set a primary value to one column but this is not working.

Do you have a feature or a recommandation to not have duplicate lines ?

Thank you very much.

Hi Michael. Can you be more specific on your use case? From my understanding, if you import a CSV file with 5 lines to an empty table. After import there will be 5 lines. If you do it again, then it will 10 lines. Do you mean the expected behaviour is that it should show 5 lines after the second import since those 5 lines are duplicate?

Thank you for your prompt reply !

Yes my expected behaviour is to only have 5 lines. So if one line in my CSV already exists in the table, I would like to update it and not to duplicate it.

Is that something possible ?

Thanks for the clarification. Unfortunately upserting is not available. The existing behaviour is simply appending to the table only.

Ok, I will try to manage this case with the APIs. Thanks for your help.