Data validation [Apr 09]

:raising_hand_man: yallouche asked


I’m wondering what’s the easiest way to do some sort of data validation.

By linking another record from another table I can choose more than record which is an issue.

Worst, those columns don’t seem to appear in the database. I’m guessing it’s some kind of metadata.

Adding a foreign key in postgresql, does give me an error if I add a wrong value in nocodb but no UI around helping picking one.

Any suggestions ?

In general, I’m wondering what the main goal of nocodb? Matching the properties and relationships of the underlying database and exposing them to no-code methods or focusing on the web UI/APIs?

:man_bald: dstala replied

<@884788718894981192> Data validations currently rely on underlying datatype supported by database. Any specific validation that you are looking at?

Link to another record - Yes. Information is maintained in NocoDB metadata.

For PG error, please help us with more details. You can raise an issue here (Sign in to GitHub · GitHub)

About NocoDB- currently we are working to provide power & flexibility of database features in the hands of naive spreadsheet users & to make working with database/ api’s seamless for anyone on Internet, even without programming knowledge

:raising_hand_man: yallouche replied

very interesting I see, I’ve encountered quite a few PG errors, I’ll note them down and write an issue

:raising_hand_man: yallouche replied

ideally we’d like something similar to the single/multi-select button but instead of defining it within nocodb it would be based on another table

So in the case of typical client/order set of table, the user would be able to pick a client from the client table when adding an order. Except that it should show up in SQL query

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