Error When Creating and Editing Records with NocoDB Auto-Install Version and PostgreSQL

Hi NocoDB Community,

I’m reaching out for assistance with an issue I’ve encountered while using the auto-installable version of NocoDB connected to a PostgreSQL database.

Issue Description:

  • When I create a new form or add a new record to a table, an error message appears after the process completes. Interestingly, despite the error, the new row is actually created in the database.
  • However, when I attempt to edit or delete the newly created row, the same error message reappears, and this time it prevents any modifications or deletions of the row.

Error Message: “Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘uidt’)”

Steps I’ve Taken:

  • I’ve checked the connection settings between NocoDB and the PostgreSQL database, and everything seems to be correctly configured.
  • I’ve also looked for any missing ‘uidt’ fields in the API responses and in my database schema but haven’t found any inconsistencies.

Request for Help: I’m looking for guidance on how to resolve this issue. Has anyone else experienced something similar? Any insights into what might be causing this error and how to fix it would be greatly appreciated.

I’m eager to resolve this so I can continue utilizing NocoDB effectively. Thank you in advance for your time and help!

Best regards,

Hi @Laureano,

What do you mean by auto-installable version, are you using docker or executables?
Which version of NocoDB are you running?
How are you connecting to your database (as NC_DB or external source)?
Which steps did you take before having this issue, is this happening for a fresh table as well? (If not can you provide us which field types are present in problematic table)

Please try to provide as much detail as possible because right now I can’t reproduce the issue to further help you.

Best regards,