Hey I am trying to create a gallery view [May 15]

:raising_hand_man: MaxWell94 asked

Hey I am trying to create a gallery view with my data but I am getting a 400 response code. Here are the logs

`2022-05-08T09:18:11.472790732Z p :: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘uidt’ of null

2022-05-08T09:18:11.472883157Z at isSystemColumn (/usr/src/app/node_modules/nocodb-sdk/build/main/lib/helperFunctions.js:20:37)

2022-05-08T09:18:11.472899416Z at Function.insert (/usr/src/app/docker/main.js:2:28304)

2022-05-08T09:18:11.472912916Z at async p (/usr/src/app/docker/main.js:2:1109584)

2022-05-08T09:18:11.472926230Z at async /usr/src/app/docker/main.js:2:36161

2022-05-08T09:18:11.476311140Z POST /api/v1/db/meta/tables/md_g95zq9pbd85h9x/galleries 400 45 - 185.108 ms`

:raising_hand_man: MaxWell94 replied

Ok when I noticed the gallery got created

:raising_hand_man: MaxWell94 replied

*when I reloaded

:person_tipping_hand: o1lab replied

could you please provide a snapshot of your table

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