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:raising_hand_man: bakrx asked


I used 1 click heroku deploy and created a simple database. Now I want to export it as a database file but I didn’t find any such option (only found an option to export as .csv, and another option to export metadata). Is there a way to export as a database?

:person_tipping_hand: o1lab replied

the underlying db is postgres - you can simply connect to it by using postgres db credentials. Tool like pgdump can be used to dump the data. Since DB can house millions of records - exporting the data is beyond teh scope of this project

:raising_hand_man: bakrx replied

Oh, I didn’t know nocodb uses postgres. Thanks for the info!

Could you please tell me where/how should I use the tools you mentioned?

P.S. I’m not a programmer and I’m only using nocodb for small personal stuff as a cross-platform replacement for excel/google sheets (as I need some relational capabilities which are hard to do in sheets).

:raising_hand_man: wkw replied

To be exact, one-click heroku deploy takes an add-on which is Heroku Postgres. The connection string can be found -

Go to Heroku > Choose your app > Settings > Config Vars > Click ‘Reveal Config Vars’ > DATABASE_URL

You should see the value like postgres://<USERNAME>:<PASSWORD>@<HOST>:5432/<DATABASE>

As you said you arent a programmer, I’d suggest you to use a GUI, let’s say DBeaver to dump the database. For the steps to export, please check out its official doc - DBeaver Documentation

:raising_hand_man: bakrx replied

Thanks for the detailed info!

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