Error during column datatype change [Jun 02]

:raising_hand_man: saki asked

:man_bald: dstala replied

You had a column with type ‘SingleLineText’. It had numbers stored in its rows. You get an error when you try to edit its datatype to ‘Number’.

Is this observation correct?

:man_bald: dstala replied

I could see this error. Looks like the empty cell is causing problem (may be is being treated as a string).

I was able to edit column from text > number of clearing the contents of empty cell explicitly. (right click on the cell - click clear data).

:raising_hand_man: saki replied

yes, this was the case. the type is single line text, but even when i try to change it to Long Text I get the same error.


:raising_hand_man: saki replied

so this is a bug, right?

:man_bald: dstala replied


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