Export CSV batch time config [Aug 17]

:raising_hand_man: niroknox asked

Hi, I am still kind of a newbie - so forgive me if this was already answered, i would love to get a link to a discussion if it exists already.

I am trying to find out how can I lift/alter the CSV Export limit, at the moment if I wish to export 10,000 rows to a CSV, it splits it to a ton of files. is there a csv_export_limit type parameter in the config?


:man_bald: dstala replied

Consider increasing config value NC_EXPORT_MAX_TIMEOUT

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:raising_hand_man: niroknox replied

Wow so quick, thank you!

Just to confirm, this would be in the .env and then restart the application, right?

If it’s not there, just add it?

So the limit is in time rather than rows… just making sure i got the hang of it…

:man_bald: dstala replied

Yes, thats correct. Limit is required to be configured in milliseconds; default is 5000 ms.

If you are using docker, use -e option as in


docker run -d --name nocodb-mysql \

-v “$(pwd)”/nocodb:/usr/app/data/ \

-p 8080:8080 \

-e NC_DB=“mysql2://host.docker.internal:3306?u=root&p=password&d=d1” \

-e NC_AUTH_JWT_SECRET=“569a1821-0a93-45e8-87ab-eb857f20a010” \



:raising_hand_man: niroknox replied

Not using docker - Just added it tot he file - worked perfectly! thanks!

:raising_hand_man: evanAndiez replied

Good use. It helps me too. This param should be written in nocodb docs :nerd_face:

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