External image links

I am a new user and the database looks very close to my needs. However, it seems difficult or impossible to 1) use a file reference (e.g. file://SealNAS/photo/2022/Whiteroselodge/IMG_20220107_105605977.jpg) to display [and not copy] the associated image. If a db is dealing with many thousands of images (or files) then it does not seem sensible nowadays to copy and store them in a database, thus breaking the link with the original. 2) it does not seem possible to batch load the image refs, e.g. many hundreds. Pulling images over one by one into the db seems odd in this day and age. Perhaps there is a security issue but if this is a missing capability, nocodb may not be suitable as a database for images or links to external resources. I hope I am wrong because otherwise it looks good.

@Aws Welcome to NocoDB community!
Displaying preview of URLs is one of the requests we had received, but we haven’t been able to pick it up for implementation yet. It is in our roadmap nevertheless

[Feature] More options for uploading attachment files, referencing external URLs as attachments

Good. But I will have to use another application for the moment. What is needed is a facility/function to take a URL reference in one field and look it up and display the associated image/file in another cell (or possibly in a pop up window) - without copying the image into the db (which would just consume space. Options to control the image display size and other variables would be good. This is what happens in web pages or email apps I think. Most databases or apps need to deal with images nowadays.