Field that avoids duplicate data

Hello friends,

Please, could you tell me if NOCODB has a type of field that permit to include data without repeat the data already has been included.

For example:
I mean, imagine you are introducing a new invoice number and by mistake you entry a data that already is in database. In this case you going to have two invoices with the same number. This case not has sense duplicate data. Only one number is needed per invoice.

What I want is a field that does not allow the repetition of its content, such as invoice number, Social Security ID, passport number, etc.

Thanks for your help

@lemtechve Welcome to NocoDB!

NocoDB has a system field “Id” created by default. Will that suffice?
Do you have a specific format for invoice numbers that you would like to maintain?

Yes, I know the ID field, but it is not enough. Imagine that you must have the invoices or passport number. These numbers should not be repeated in the database.

Invoice No. 121212
Invoice No. 131313
Invoice No. 121212

This makes no sense, invoice and passport numbers, and many other things like Security ID in the US, must be unique.

Is there a way to validate the data entry in NOCODB?

Not possible currently. There is an open issue; we will pick it up soon

Hello, thanks for your reply,

yes, the format of the field that does not allow repetition of content (data); that has already been included in the database can be variable(free). The important thing is that it does not allow the same data to be repeated.

Example, product code, invoice number, a person’s identification document number, etc.