Form > "Single select" grab all column values from other table?

I’m new and experimenting with nocodb - my goal is simple I would like to create a form, whose available “options” are pulled from an existing table.

Imagine that I have a CAR database with a column named “Car models”:

  • Corolla
  • Camry
  • Odyssey

I wanted my form to dynamically change the available “Car Models” options for a given question in the form based on the table reference, is this possible? Thanks

It is not possible for select fields type. Closest that I can find to your requirement is Links field type. Links | NocoDB

Good thing with Links field type, you get to display more information about the Car, not just car name - when user is making that choice from the form.

thanks for the quick reply. I will give Links a try to see what the UI looks like but I have a feeling it isn’t what I am looking for.

The goal of the form is to provide web visitors with the ability to propose new table entries based on a well-defined set of available options in the form. For the car_models example, think of it as a “Service request form” to schedule customers for service for their Camry vehicle for example (I wanted other fields to have either multi-select or single select options but all the available options displayed for these form elements already exist in some other table already, so referencing and using that data vs. having to keep maintainance on the form manually every time a new Car_Model is created is what I was after)

Try Links. It will fit this requirement & is easy to maintain data segregated into two separate tables.

This is what it would look like when selecting a record & display on grid

I had tried a relation Vehicle Type has-many Service Log; this way, from service side it will be a belongs-to relation; and we show actual data for belongs to instead of rollup count as in the case for has-many and many-many relation.

Feel free to get back to us if you need more help

@Gio : thanks for bringing this up. I have raised this as a feature request. This could be done via conditional form elements.

If there is a platform that solves this already for you - please let us know.

Thank you for raising a FR to investigate a solution in nocodb.

I’m getting test accounts in platforms similar to nocodb to see if there’s a readily available solution. I am very early in my research - I haven’t come across a “out of the box” solution to solve for this but I have come across Airtable’s solution here: Cannot add Multi-select options to a form based on... - Airtable Community