Form Interlinking [Mar 11]

:raising_hand_man: kjellski asked

Hi everyone!

I’m new to nocodb and I’ve already started using it, deployed my own instance on heroku and started to design my table. Can someone point me to the parts of the documentation that describes how to weave table forms together?

e.g.: I have a table that is about a building and I would like to have one about it’s energy consumption. Now how to create the Relationship I was able to figure out, but now I would like to enable a user to enter the data in one form - creating the building and while doing so, create the other dataset of the energy consumption as well…

Is that even possible?

P.S.: Is the example from the videos somewhere accessible so I can try to figure such things out on that seed database?

:man_bald: dstala replied

kjellski@discord If other data set is fixed pre-filled pattern, LinkToAnotherRecord field in a form will help.

With respect to data fields in form view, we can select only fields from current table.

:raising_hand_man: kjellski replied

Hmmm, so there is no way to create multiple records from one form, right?

:man_bald: dstala replied

No way currently, yes

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