Hi I started a new Nocodb server by [Jul 06]

:raising_hand_man: stornk asked

Hi! I started a new Nocodb server by creating a Digital Ocean Docker-based app at

https://dolphin-app-eerxi.ondigitalocean.app, with nocodb/nocodb as the input for the Docker image, and it deployed. However, when setting up the first account, it keeps saying “Token expired. Please log in again”. I managed to register and then log in a couple of times, but after creating a project I get redirected to the login screen. Now, it mostly says “Token expired. Please log in again”, but sometimes I can log in without having the option to create a project. Refreshing the page sends me to the log in screen again. Should I install this differently? I haven’t even done anything except install the Docker image…

:raising_hand_man: stornk replied

well, I just went ahead with the 1-click Heroku deployment and that does seem to work…

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