Hosted NocoDB, how to backup/clone/dump

Hi all,

Really excited by all the improvements in NocoDB since I last looked.

I am starting to scope out using NocoDB for data storage for Open Source Hardware projects. For example, as a place to hold Failure Mode Analysis. I am currently using for testing.

:white_check_mark: With the forms we could allow people outside the core team to suggest data. We can have control over whether we accept the data by having an approved field which isn’t available in the public form.

:white_check_mark: We can also publicly share the data by having a locked view which only shows approved records.

:question: The thing I worry about is as an open project is how can we move from to another server? Or if someone wanted to fork the project and wanted to dump the database and make their own clone… is this possible? I understand I can dump specific tables, but I’d like to be able to export everything (data, relations, schemas, views). Is this possible.

Sorry if this is answered elsewhere. I could only see way to dump the underlying database for self hosted.

There is duplicate base which allows you to do this.

If you are trying to copy it from a different workspace then you can share base and then copy base.

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Thanks @navi

Share base and copy base does allow the information to be copied, but only within the hosted platform. So it doesn’t fully meet the needs for the database being to be available for anyone else to use as they like.

I suppose I’d have two concerns with continuing with hosting via

  • If that platform/hosting goes offline then all data is lost.
  • Anyone copying the data cannot move it to a different hosting.

I suppose one option is to use NocoDB as a front end and use a different database as the data source?

Yes, you could do this via connecting to a data source like postgres or mysql