How often does ' Share View ' refresh? [May 14]

:raising_hand_man: Xpressd asked

how often does ’ Share View ’ refresh?

If I add, remove or update information how often is that link that was generated updated with the changes I made?

:raising_hand_man: wkw replied

u should see the changes after u refresh

:raising_hand_man: Xpressd replied

oh that is too bad, i wanted to apply this to a meeting scenario where somebody could fill in information as the meeting progressed from a laptop and then have the table being updated live on a weblink where all meeting attendees could easily see it, or a status board left on a TV in a lobby that would update with changes as they were made to the database

i tried embeding the iframe and write some javascript to refresh but it doesnt have the ability to close the table side panel in that view. it looks bad when it refeshes i wish i could find an alternative to teams excel spreadsheets for live collaboration I really thought nocodb / airtable would be the one but it doesnt have live view updates :disappointed:

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