Like comparison query param in NocoAPI

Hey there, we use the NocoAPI to query specific information from our tables. So far I’ve used a “like” comparsion in the where query param. But this doesn’t work anymore. Now the user needs to put in the exact value of a column in order for the query to return a result. Just like with the “eq” comparison.

https://our-noco-url/OpsCapitalCalls?where(VehiclesLegalName,like,%search term)

the column is called VehiclesLegalName. I don’t want to have to put in the exact value, because it’s very inconvenient to look that up.

In the NocoAPI docs it says the same way I implemented it.

Anyone has an idea how to query with a “like” comparison

I made a simple test in my nocodb app like this:

and it worked ¡¡¡

As you can see nocodb builds the request URL as:

so you only have to type de search string, without %.

Hope you to fix it, bye.