Using filter with LTAR or Lookup column [Sep 03]

:raising_hand_man: 4oject asked

Hi people, i am new NocoDB user, and i want to query my data with nested value, but it is not working, what can i do, who can help me to understand what i am doing wrong ? :smiling_face_with_tear:

I have tried it in Swagger(parameter was nested%5Bcreatedby%5D%5Bwhere%5D=%28username%2Ceq%2Cfirstuser%29), in Postman(parameter was nested[createdby][where]=username,eq,firstuser ), none of them gave me what i want.

Their response was just raw json.

When i use nested[createdby][fields]=username it works.

Where filtering works in GUI.

But in nested querying it is not working, what can i do ?

:man_technologist: pranavxc replied

nested is for applying filter on nested level list/data, if you want to filter root level data do following => where=(createdby,eq,firstuser) (Assuming username is primary value)

:man_technologist: pranavxc replied

if username is not primary value then create a lookup column and use it within where query

:man_technologist: pranavxc replied

like (lookupColumn,eq,firstuser)

where lookupColumn is a lookup column to createdBy => username

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