Nested LookUp [Mar 10]

:raising_hand_man: martin_michelle asked

Hi friends! super excited about what you all have built. Nocodb is a great solution for our staff

I have some questions, I hope to get a reply from your great team

Suppose I have table Users

id, name, email

and I have another table UsersPhones

id, phone, linked record(Users) to render email

so the last result is

id, phone, email (link)

if I have another table UsersPhoneCodes

id, code, linked record(Users) to render the phone

so the last result is

id, code, phone(link),

ho can I get a lookup field email from UsersPhones? is that possible to make a lookup on linked record

:man_bald: dstala replied

martin_michelle@discord we are working on it. current version of NocoDB does not support nested lookup/ rollup.

:raising_hand_man: martin_michelle replied

Thank you very much for replaying

is there an expected date for this to get released?

:raising_hand_man: mahmouds12 replied

voting for this too… we use nested lookups a lot

:person_tipping_hand: o1lab replied

please star/watch our github repo for updates. This will be v soon

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