Lookup Table Question

I have two tables. The second table contains labels for a field in the first table. Here is how it looks like.

Table A

Table B

So, a proper lookup in Table B would be: “Key1”,“EN” to get the Label field in English language.

Can this be done with the lookup feature of Nocodb?

I am new and so I would appreciate step-by-step instructions if possible. Thank you!

For step by step directions:

  1. Add new column : Click on ‘+’ icon to the left of column headers

  2. Feed column name

  3. Select column type as ‘Lookup’

  4. Choose child table

  5. Select child column

  6. Click on ‘Save’

You can learn more here: Lookup - NocoDB

Let us know if this helped.

Thank you for your reply!

I have tried to follow your instructions, but there is no child table available in step 4.

So, I went to the other table and added a column with ColumnType=“LinkToAnotherRecord”. Then I went back to the first table the other table showed up as a child table.

However, it doesn’t auto populate the new column and I have to manually match up the entire table row by row.

What am I missing?

Is the LinkToAnotherRecord column referencing the correct data?

Need more clarity on your example, do you mean a lookup in Table B would be “Key1”,“EN” to get the Field1 field in Table A?

LinkToAnotherRecord does not auto-populate because it has no way of knowing which records to link to, however you can populate multiple rows at a time using the API.

How do I specify what the LinkToAnotherRecord column is referencing?

Your example lookup (using “Key1”,“EN”) would be ideal, but I can get by without the language for now.

So, the lookup is not pulling the desired field for the entire table. I can currently click a record in the first table to get a one corresponding record from the second table, but I was wondering how I can generate a complete result table. Not possible without API coding?

Correct, its not possible to auto-populate LinkToAnotherRecord, you can only populate multiple at a time via. API.