LTAR filter [Sep 23]

:raising_hand_man: emdax asked

how can we use (colName,like,%name) to find by name of linked record ? e.g. (linkedRecord.colName,like,%name)

:man_bald: dstala replied

Use filter? You intend to do it over API?

:raising_hand_man: emdax replied


:person_tipping_hand: o1lab replied

pls read the autogenerated swagger api for your project.

apis & support > swagger > nested[table][where] will be query param

Although, we can help - most of it boils down to reading docs :sweat_smile:

:raising_hand_man: emdax replied


:raising_hand_man: emdax replied

in docs it says:

:raising_hand_man: emdax replied

nested[_nc_m2m_ccaa92x__q List][where]=(field1,eq,value)

:raising_hand_man: emdax replied

what is _nc_m2m_ccaa92x__q ?

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