MySQL connection mystery

I am a new NocoDB user and I am utterly baffled by the MySQL connection method.

I don’t use SQL all that much, but I am an experienced Linux admin, so I encounter SQLite often, MySQL fairly regularly, and Postgres occasionally. Backing up, restoring, moving, and establishing network connections are no big deal.

I installed MariaDB, restored a database I want to examine, then got the NocoDB binary. It starts and I can get to the point of adding a datasource.

I see this:

Base Name:
[database connection stuff]

And at this point I am completely lost. If I set the Base Name to “mytestdb” it auto-populates Database as “mytestdb_noco”. I can see mytestdb_noco from command line but in the web interface I do not see any of the MANY tables in that database. I’ve tried various permutations of the database name in Database: and Base Name:

There is nothing about handling SQL databases that I could find in the web site’s Getting Started. I joined the Discord and maybe it’s my client, but I only see the four basic channels on login. Nothing in this forum seems really SQL specific either. There’s one official NocoDB YouTube video on this task but what it shows looks like a prior version of the system.

I am supposed to show NocoDB to a small group of people who want to explore this database later this week. Where do I go to learn how to even make a basic database connections?

Base name : is for your understading - its not the schema name.

If I set the Base Name to “mytestdb” it auto-populates Database as “mytestdb_noco”

You can always change the database name to the underlying database name. And there are 1000s who connect to existing databases. :slight_smile:

Let me know how that goes - also leave a msg in discord if you need help.

So if I set the Database: to the underlying MySQL it should be visible?

OK, did that, and now it works. Thanks.

I wonder what the heck I was doing wrong earlier …