Mssql setup [Aug 30]

:raising_hand_man: Kalado asked

Hey, I am trying out NocoDB locally right now with my dev MSSQL Server that is running in Docker (only the SQL Server) but when I connect to my database it only shows the dbo schema tables. I tried setting the searchPath in the config in various ways but nothing changed. Did anyone ever got this to work? I am honestly a little confused where my nocode project actually is on my harddrive as well, I wanted to check my config.json if it was created right but I do not know where to find it . ```Node: v16.16.0

Arch: x64

Platform: win32

Docker: false

Database: mssql

ProjectOnRootDB: false

RootDB: mssql

PackageVersion: 0.92.4```

:raising_hand_man: wkw replied

i think currently it only takes the first one

:raising_hand_man: Kalado replied

that tracks, thank you. Unfortunately I need all. I also get errors with a few tables :confused:

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