Nocodb with searchPath [Feb 22]

:raising_hand_man: Ch’foli asked

I am trying to connect nocoDB to postgre in a schema with searchPath. It works fine with the postgres account. But if I use a user account with all rights, I can’t create a table and see it:

- First, the user noco_U is created with all rights on the schema “nocodb” in PG.

- under nocodb, creation of the project => connection ok, no table present.

- under nocodb, table creation => error : “create table failed” ; table not visible in noco but created in PG.

- under PG, creation of 2 tables with the noco_U and postgres account : table created

=> the 2 tables not visible in nocoDB.

- delete the project and create a new project. => the 2 tables are visible in Noco, but not the table created via nocodb.

Could you help me to understand why I cannot manage my table with PG users? Thanks,

:raising_hand_man: wkw replied

pls create an issue on github n share some screenshots n logs if possible.

:raising_hand_man: Ch’foli replied

Thanks, it is created: Tables are not created on Postgres · Issue #1323 · nocodb/nocodb · GitHub

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