Tables not available to edit? [Apr 13]

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:raising_hand_man: scottrepreneur replied

I’ve got a kinda funky issue where I can’t see 2/7 of my tables that are freshly created and fairly simple.

I’m seeing them here in the metadata but not sure why they aren’t showing in UI Access Control, et al.

:raising_hand_man: scottrepreneur replied

Comments is one of the two tables that aren’t showing up.

:raising_hand_man: scottrepreneur replied

However doesn’t appear in UI Access Control form

:raising_hand_man: scottrepreneur replied

Comments is a small table with a varchar column and two foreign keys relating to raids & members. The other missing table is also a couple foreign keys.

Is there a next step I can look at to debug here? Something awry with the table set up?

:raising_hand_man: scottrepreneur replied

Attempting to create the comments table in Noco gives a relation "comments" already exists error which makes sense.

:person_tipping_hand: o1lab replied

Sync Schema - NocoDB

:raising_hand_man: scottrepreneur replied

Thanks! I have run sync and it’s showing me tables are synced currently


:raising_hand_man: scottrepreneur replied

Sorry I feel like I’m not able to give very good data here to help. I’m not seeing any errors in the console.

I exported the nc metadata and pulled out the missing models here. Not sure if this is helpful. Enabled looks good and the other.

The current schema was created via SQL outside noco before initial setup & project connection.


:person_tipping_hand: o1lab replied

It’s a bit surprising to see ncacl and ncapitokens from the image

:person_tipping_hand: o1lab replied

Something is off with setup

:person_tipping_hand: o1lab replied

Would you like to recreate the project connecting to your database?

:raising_hand_man: scottrepreneur replied

yeah i’ve tried recreating. I’m using docker so I dumped the whole system previously also. When I spin up a fresh project and check out the metadata this is what I’m seeing.

:raising_hand_man: scottrepreneur replied

Ah. I am seeing this error after creating the new project


dm_noco | POST /dashboard/?q=sqlOp_testConnection&skipProjectHasDb=1 200 33 - 11.677 ms

dm_noco | select “roles” from “nc_projects_users” where “user_id” = 1 and ((“roles” like ‘%creator%’) or (“roles” like ‘%owner%’))

dm_noco | Creating GraphQL APIs pg - > dungeon-master

dm_noco | select * from “nc_models” where “project_id” = ‘dm_2_pjz8’ and “db_alias” = ‘db’

dm_noco | select “ur”, “tn”, “_tn”, “cn”, “_cn”, “rtn”, “rcn”, “_rcn”, “_rtn”, “type”, “db_type”, “dr”, “fkn” from “nc_relations” where “project_id” = ‘dm_2_pjz8’ and “db_alias” = ‘db’

dm_noco | select * from “nc_relations” where “project_id” = ‘dm_2_pjz8’ and “db_alias” = ‘db’

dm_noco | select * from “nc_hooks” where “project_id” = ‘dm_2_pjz8’ and “db_alias” = ‘db’

dm_noco | select * from “nc_models” where “project_id” = ‘dm_2_pjz8’ and “db_alias” = ‘db’ and “show_as” = ‘form’

dm_noco | Error: Field “Members.RaidsMMList” can only be defined once.

dm_noco |

dm_noco | Field “Raids.MembersMMList” can only be defined once.

dm_noco | at assertValidSDL (/usr/src/app/node_modules/graphql/validation/validate.js:107:11)

dm_noco | at buildASTSchema (/usr/src/app/node_modules/graphql/utilities/buildASTSchema.js:45:34)

dm_noco | at buildSchema (/usr/src/app/node_modules/graphql/utilities/buildASTSchema.js:112:10)

dm_noco | at GqlApiBuilder.initGraphqlRoute (/usr/src/app/docker/main.js:2:207302)

dm_noco | at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:97:5)

dm_noco | at async GqlApiBuilder.loadResolvers (/usr/src/app/docker/main.js:2:173014)

dm_noco | at async GqlApiBuilder.init (/usr/src/app/docker/main.js:2:170590)

dm_noco | at async s.init (/usr/src/app/docker/main.js:2:150944)

dm_noco | at async o.listener (/usr/src/app/docker/main.js:2:33987)

dm_noco | at async o.handleRequest (/usr/src/app/docker/main.js:2:92391)

dm_noco | select * from “nc_cron” where “project_id” = ‘’ and “db_alias” = ‘db’

dm_noco | POST /dashboard/?q=sqlOp_projectCreateByWeb&skipProjectHasDb=1 200 1261 - 667.786 ms

dm_noco | GET /dashboard/auth/type 304 - - 2.972 ms

dm_noco | GET /nc/dm_2_pjz8/projectApiInfo 200 502 - 6.013 ms


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