No longer can get nested data with API

Before I upgraded my NocoDB, I can get informations of every records that are linked to a table using the nested API parameter ?nested[table_of_related_records][fields]=field1,field2,... and it will return array of objects. But now after I upgraded my NocoDB version, it only returns the number of records that are linked to a table. Is there any changes to how I can get fields information using nested?

The option to create LinkToAnotherRecord has been discontinued, and instead, we have introduced Links to establish a relationship between tables. The List API can now be utilised to retrieve the count of linked records (similar to Rollup). Any existing LinkToAnotherRecord will continue to function as before(returns array of data).

To retrieve nested data, you can now use nested APIs. For reference and detailed information, please visit NocoDB API Documentation.

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Thank you so much for the explanation! May I ask how do I collect the linkFieldId?

You can use meta API. On UI, it’s available in details menu, field editor, field context menu

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