NocoDB NPX Installation [Mar 04]

:raising_hand_man: teknik asked

Hi. In the installation guide it mentions the package/nc-gui, how can we generate that directory? It’s currently not present when you create a new project using “npx create-nocodb-app”

:man_bald: dstala replied

teknik@discord NPX installs complete package, ready to be used as is.

If you wish to make changes to frontend/backend source code, you will have to clone repository & then follow procedure listed here for development setup.

Installation - NocoDB

:raising_hand_man: teknik replied

Can you provide me a repository I can clone please?

:man_bald: dstala replied

details here

GitHub - nocodb/nocodb: 🔥 🔥 🔥 Open Source Airtable Alternative

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