Nocodb self host vs paid cloud hosted: functions/ limitations?

Hi there, trying to see what differ self-hosted version from paid in the nocode cloud?
are we missing any functionality on open source code?


Some of the features that are exclusively available in Technical preview

  • SSO / SAML
  • Workspaces
  • Bulk updates from UI

thanks - can a license be purchased to enable these in self-hosted setup?

What is your strong reason to stay on-premise & not use cloud?

Data confidentiality and company policy.

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We use NocoDB as privacy and company policy too.

@serg007 @anrikaz

Please get in touch for licenses at Calendly - Naveen

The “Technical preview” - is it about the cloud version or self-hosting?

Does that mean, that current version in the Github / Docker has SSO / SAML, but eventually these features will be moved to paid tier?

Will you have a page similar to PRICING (Pricing) but for self-hosting?

Missed out this thread. @slavik , technical preview is about cloud. SSO is work in progress & will be available for cloud & enterprise on-prem customers soon.

Self hosted OSS will continue to remain free.

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