Recommendations for self-hosting installation

I’m looking for project management tool for our non-profit. Found NocoDB, tried it for few hours and it’s great!

However, before we commit to use it, I need to make sure it works reliably. So, few questions:

1. DB

What’s the best DB for NocoDB? Which DB is used by NocoDB cloud?

I tried docker-compose/mysql, and got few minor errors in UI and in the logs.

Would Postgres be a better choice? Which version?

If I use mysql, does it have to be “mysql:8.0.35”? Or which versions are supported in case I want to use external DB?

2. Redis

While looking at the Environment variables, I see there are options for Redis. In which scenario you recommend to use Redis? Do you have docker-compose example with Redis?

3. Google authentication

While looking at the Environment variables, I see there are options for Google authentication. Do you have installation docs / guide to enable Google authentication? Will anyone be able to sign-up / login to our installation? What’s the process of inviting / approving users in that scenario?

Also, I read this in your FAQ:

For features that make sense for enterprises like below - yes

… A hosted solution.

Does that mean, that self-hosting would only be available for enterprise version?

Hi @slavik,

  1. We suggest using Postgres or MySQL for production cases and widely supporting both of the databases.
  2. We are using Redis as a cache layer for NocoDB. If you don’t provide it we instead fallback to a in-memory cache to avoid sacrificing performance. So using Redis can reduce memory usage for your application. If you are working with lots of big schemas or you’re having some memory issues you can consider adding a Redis instance to your setup. We are working on all inclusive docker-composes so follow our updates.
  3. Yes it is pretty straight-forward process, you can follow this link for setting google OAuth Setup  |  Authentication  |  Google for Developers, then signing up with Google will be available in your UI.
    New users will become org-level-viewers (they won’t see any of your projects unless you assign them a role) you can control them from Team & Settings page as usual.

For your last question about self hosting, NocoDB is an open-source project and it is freely available for self-hosting and it will stay that way. Our cloud & enterprise offerings are for those who prefer a hosted solution instead of a self-hosted one or needs enterprise services from us.


Can we have an example of docker-compose NocoDB + Postgres + Redis?