Reference rollup fields in functions inside Formula Columns

I want to reference a rollup field inside a formula but get the following error.
Is there any workaround/ plan for adding this ?

@Ashish424 - No. Use of Rollup’s within formula’s are not supported at the moment.
I have created a new feature request here 🔦 Feature: Support use of Rollup's with in formula · Issue #6807 · nocodb/nocodb · GitHub

Can you help us understand more about your usecase?

I am trying to create a custom CRM using nocodb. I currently have two tables →

  1. Leads → A table containing all leads and has fields like name, contact details etc.
  2. Interactions → A table containing all the interactions with Leads and has fields like interaction-notes, date of interaction, mode of interaction etc.

One lead can have multiple interactions so I have a one to many relationship from Lead to Interactions Database.
To find out the latest interaction between for a lead, I use a rollup with Max Function. This is the field called LastInteractionDate.

Now, I am trying to find the time since last interaction with the lead and Today to calculate a field called RottingTime
The formula I wanted to have for RottingTime is DATETIME_DIFF(NOW(),{LastInteractionDate}).
This is where I encountered the above error.

My goal is to send followup reminders based on the value of RottingTime.

Hi @dstala any ideas on how to take this further ?
Really want to use nocodb for this use case :slight_smile: