Sequoia is funding open source developers via a new equity-free fellowship

I noticed this in my email and immediately thought of NocoDb. I remember one of the devs mentioned in a GH issue that the team is relatively small and has a lot of work

Seems one of the big VCs is paying for full time devs on open source projects: Why Sequoia is funding open source developers via a new equity-free fellowship | TechCrunch

Thank you so much for thinking about NocoDB. However, they are sponsoring 3 devs and there is a lot of open source (plenty from their portfolio companies. Stiff competition :sweat_smile: ).

What has been your use case for using NocoDB ?

Sure :slight_smile: An open source alternative to AirTable would reduce a lot of small startups bills tho.

I’ve been exploring NocoDB as an alternative to AirTable for a recipes project I expect would have gone over AirTable limits. So mainly as a GUI spreadsheet rather than using the API’s capabilities.

Currently missing the fact that AirTable doesn’t need me to click save and that links to other tables are a lot prettier and easier to manage in AirTable.

Click save after making changes in expanded record? Links- it was a thought over decision as for many of users managing tons of links, this was slowing down API response & toolbar operations. You can insert a Lookup field to get additional required information

Hey @dstala. Yeah clicking save after making changes in an expanded record. One the first day I used NocoDB it threw away my data 3-4 times in a row while adding text to an expanded record.

  1. First I clicked X instead of save and it just throws the data away instead of saving it without notice
  2. I accidentally clicked outside the expanded record - again this throws the data away
  3. Through some convoluted track where I was adding a new entry to a list/lookup record. Where there are layers of popups on top of each other. Again ended up having to start all over again.

I’d definitely recommend the UX not fail to save people’s entered data in any situation. (Remove the need to click save)

Slow API responses and using “Lookup fields”. You mean looking up the name of the link is a separate API operation to getting the list of items. You could solve this by embedding the names of the items in the response from the API (nested json). Think of it from a UX perspective: I can’t imagine anyone as a User would want the current experience.