Simple backend with nocodb [Jun 24]

:raising_hand_man: heebers asked

hey! Trying to figure out what I can do with NocoDB before using it. I’ve read through the site, some docs, and watched a few demos. Does this service let me build a simple backend to an application without much effort? Do I have to have an existing database to use NocoDB? Does it handle scaling up API’s, and how does billing work with higher loads?

:person_tipping_hand: o1lab replied

Yes, you can build a simple backend. Either you can use an existing database or you can use ours (data will be stored in database specifeid by NC_DB env var). Yes it does handle scaling up of APIs. It is free & open source and you will have to deploy it on your servers

:raising_hand_man: heebers replied

Got it, thanks!

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