Uploading csv for relational columns [Feb 16]

:raising_hand_man: Vlas asked

Hi! I want to migrate from Airtable into Nocodb and I want to use .csv-upload function for this purpose. I have few questions:

1. Does .csv-upload works with relational fields (“link to” in Airtable)? I mean, if a cell in .csv will contain primary value from linked table, will NocoDB add connection in target table?

2. How I can upload photos in the Attachment field? If the .csv will contain url of the picture, will upload function add photo into the cell?

3. Could you advise to me another way for migration?

:person_tipping_hand: o1lab replied

1. Uploading csv with relational columns (LinkToAnotherRecord, Lookup, Formula. rollup etc) is not possible

2. I will ping a link for this. with just URL it wont upload the file.

3. I’ve seen users use something like sequin to migrate from airtable to a postgrse db and then connect nocodb to that database.

:person_tipping_hand: o1lab replied

we will think about giving a migration option in future

:raising_hand_man: Vlas replied

o1lab@discord oh, thank you. I already saw the tool for migration from airtable into postgresql – I forget about it! Will try to use this option👍

:person_tipping_hand: o1lab replied


:raising_hand_man: Vlas replied

For people, who will have the same questions:

Free Airtable to PostgreSQL migration tool

:raising_hand_man: Amin Debabeche replied

Why are you willing to migrate ?

:raising_hand_man: Vlas replied

We outgrown the 100 000 records per database limit. Also we have a platform works on Bubble.io, and it pulls up the data from Airtable. Airtable has API-requests limit with 5 requests per second. Cause of that our platform works very slow.

:raising_hand_man: VA-Ohm replied

oh my… is this the same level website as the “insert your credit card number to see if it is stolen”?

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