User based views & filters [May 20]

:raising_hand_man: Martin asked

Hi everyone! Something I can’t figure out - are there way to limit what users can see inside the same table. Example one: user can only see records they created. Example two: users can only see records created by them and/or by people in the same group (assuming a user can only be part of a single group) ?

:man_bald: dstala replied

<@403154219256905728> Currently NocoDB does not support User groups, ‘CreatedBy’ and ‘ModifiedBy’ column type’s. Access control provided is at role-level (creator, editor, commenter, viewer).

:raising_hand_man: Martin replied

Thanks for the super quick answer. So for now it’s limited to role+table, cprrect? No way to “filter” what a given user can see in a specific table

:man_bald: dstala replied

We can create shared read only views with required filters applied & share link across to specific set of people (optionally with password protection enabled).

But for people part of the project (collaborators) - its limited to role based model.

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