V0.90 Important Announcement


On behalf of NocoDB Team, I would like to announce that we have made a significant number of new features and improvements and will be released as v0.90 soon. However, some breaking changes are expected from v0.90 onwards.

UPD: v0.90 Release Note

Data APIs


  • The URL paths to APIs are changing and the old URL paths will be deprecated on 30 Jun 2022.
  • The responses to APIs will be changed.
  • Swagger UI will be removed and may be supported in the future release.
Old URL Path (< v0.90) New URL Path (v0.90)
Deprecated on 30 Jun 22
Deprecated on 30 Jun 22

Currently, the default value for {orgs} is noco. Users will be able to change it in the future release.

GraphQL APIs

GraphQL APIs, unfortunately, will be deprecated form v0.90 onwards - which means

  • Users won’t be able to create a GraphQL project nor use the GraphQL queries.
  • For projects created before v0.90, we will convert it to REST API projects.
  • The rationale behind is that GraphQL is a really small use case of NocoDB users and smart spreadsheet are usually flat representation of data (may be one level nested) which means there will be additional wrangling of json and GQL schema when users are changing the schema dynamically.

Thank You

We would like to thank all the users and contributors to join the journey with us. If you have any questions, please feel free to post your questions to Discord. If you are interested to contribute, please check out Contribution Guide.